January 2019 archive

Texan, Westerns: The Watts Way! A Brand New Release From David Watts!

From one of the most popular Western authors of today come the stories of the Old West that make up “Bring Me Back To Texas” These are tales of the gunfighters, the marshals, the ranchers and the cowboys who made America what it is today. Ride along as this collection takes you across America—with tales …

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Fred Staff Scores A Major Movie, And A Brand New Hit Western Series!

Could things be going any better for Western author Fred Staff? His hot, hot, hot series of books are being made into a major motion picture. Yes, you heard me! A movie! You know… those things you go to a movie theatre to see. “Hell On The Border” is a brand new Western motion-picture based …

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A New Breed Of Douglas Cobb: Gunshots on Hell’s Border Revisited

Love Westerns? Have you tried “Gunshots on Hell’s Border” from Douglas R. Cobb? Matt “The Boot Collector” Hardy leads an interesting life as a bounty hunter in the territory surrounding the wild town of Fort Smith, Arkansas, otherwise known as “Hell’s Border.” Living by his own rules, he always gets his men, more often dead …

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Western Veteran Cherokee Parks Racing Up The Bestseller Charts For The Second Year Running!

A brand new action-packed Western novel collection from “Hard Ride To Cora” bestseller Cherokee Parks. This is the Old West… Parks style! Three great Western novels—one huge adventure!  Colt’s Justice: Chasing a Shadow – Book One Parks expands on the life of Colt Raines, a Confederate veteran trained in the art of dealing death that …

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New Western Hits From Michael Haden, Jim Burnett, Cherokee Parks And Charles Ray!

Brand new hits from some of the biggest Western names for January. Have you tried all of these great Western novels? Tuck yourself up by the fire, and enjoy some great, great action-packed yarns!

Red Hot, And Western: The Jacob Blade: Vigilante Western Adventure Series

Have you seen these two great releases from Charles Ray? The first two books in the “The Jacob Blade: Vigilante Western Adventure Series” are now available for readers who enjoy GREAT Western adventures written by a fine, fine author.   Jacob Blade—a man with a vengeance. A man with a gun, a steady aim—the steel …

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“Timber” Bestseller Robert Hanlon Explains Why It Was Worth Wading Through Those Lean, Hard Days Before Success Hit His Novels!

It’s been several months since Robert Hanlon sat down for an interview. This one was conducted on Thursday, 10th January. Hanlon, an older gentleman with a style of writing readers now seem to love, has just finished working on the ninth Timber novel, with the eighth released to the reading public last week. Robert Hanlon …

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AVAILABLE NOW: A C-Bar Ranch Western Adventure: Ride To Hell: The Complete C-Bar Western Series Books 1 – 7

For the first time! The complete series from Arizona’s most popular Western author Mark Baugher! The whisperin’, shiftin sands, the beating hot sun… the cowboy struggling to make his way through the arid desert. A man with a mission. A man with a gun. A man without a star. These are the seven adventures that …

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A Brand New Western Adventure You’ll Love From Charles Ray: Jacob Blade: Vigilante!

  Jacob Blade—a man with a vengeance. A man with a gun, a steady aim—the steel will to fire his weapon and end a life. A man who hunts down those who have crossed him and kills them with a cool, steely glare. A man with no desire except for revenge and justice. This is …

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A Bright, Shining And New Opportunity To Sell Western Books In 2019

A brand new year—and a brand new chance to see how Westerns will evolve. It’s always a pleasure for me to start a new year. I don’t know what happens, but I get excited all over again. It’s like that feeling of Christmas, but it doesn’t go away. It never fades, because every day is …

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