A New Brand Of Western Writing David Watts: An Interview With The Author of “Massacre At Idyll Valley”

There’s a new David Watts Western in town. A brand new adventure that Western readers seem to be enjoying day after day. This new serving of Watts’ genius is called “Massacre At Idyll Valley,” and it’s a good ‘un. I thought we might sit Mister Watts down for a conversation about this new, exciting Western experience of excellence.

David, how are you?

I’m doing very well, thank you.

Let me start by asking, how did you approach writing these new Westerns?

I took characters that were interesting and treated them badly. Only in that way can one find out what they’re made of. Then the trauma of the opening scenes spurred a story that showed how people respond to hard times. That, I believe, is the essence of life in the Wild West.

What do you think the readership is looking for in Westerns these days?

Something more than “Westerns.” Something that approaches great literature that might bring insights into human behavior, a touch of grass roots philosophy, and something that struggles to approach the “meaning of life” laid in under the surface of the narrative. It’s a tall order, one worth shooting for.

How do you think the readership will take to your latest novel?

Better and better.

How did you come up with the title?

By adding the essence of the story to an attractive name for a town.

Where do you see this series going next?

Wherever it wants to go. Therein lies the excitement.

How do you feel the characters will evolve through the series?

They have already displayed their wisdom and personal strengths as they have risen to the demands of the occasion. You only see that aspect of character if they are confronted with difficult situations. What I see for them in the future is transition, a transformation into a new version of themselves that reaches deeper into their consciousnesses. That’s what’s most interesting about writing and what makes a story great.

How does this new Western differ from your previous Westerns?

Deeper. More tension. More rising to the challenge of life with newfound strengths.

What will your next novel be about?

Ah, that’s the surprise of writing—discovery. The best writing is not planned in advance but evolves from the magical combination of great characters and hard times. Only then do we see the under surface of human character. That’s where the real story lies. That’s what rewards us with new insights. That’s what doesn’t waste our time.

If you could say anything to your readership directly—what would it be?

Watch out for this one. It will curl your toenails.

How can we find your latest book?

Amazon, Amazon, Amazon.