Are You Keeping Readers Happy? Are You Writing ENOUGH Books?

Well, it’s been a pretty busy month so far—the eleventh of the year. How did this happen? All of a sudden, it’s turning dark and dismal, yet the bright lights of Christmas are shining just over the horizon. Recently I’ve been asked by many different authors what the key to success truly is. What one thing allows readers to get to grips with an author—and what causes those readers to become fans?

Well, aside from all the hype and pushing of books—there’s one factor that plays a key role. This one key factor is: consistent releases.

Readers are always looking for that next novel—that next adventure—and they’re looking for the next book the moment they finish the last book. It’s common for the readership to finish a book they’ve enjoyed and go out to hunt down the whole series. This is why consistent releases are so important. A reader shouldn’t have to wait too long for the next book—the next adventure—and if they do have to wait, then they tend to move on to the next sensation.

Take a Western author like Scott Harris. He launched his “Caz: Vigilante Hunter” series earlier this year. The first one gained momentum, the second was released soon thereafter and pushed both books into the charts, and the third book is on the way. No lag, no waiting time. When you’ve got a tiger by the tail, you don’t let go.

Robert Hanlon released six books in his “Timber: United States Marshal” series over a period of about six weeks. Each one sold the next and so on, until all six were rooted like age-old trees in the bestseller charts.

The examples go on and on. There are those who say too many releases overexposes an author. I don’t think this is the case for Western authors. Nobody has ever complained about there being too many books from Robert Hanlon, Paul L. Thompson, C. Wayne Winkle, or any other prolific talent.

So, when you’ve got the tiger by the tail—capitalize and get something new out onto the market. Bring those readers in—because the more the reader reads, the more they become a fan of your work.

There’s nothing more important than the product. When you’re hot…. you’re really hot. Keep those releases coming!

As always—feel free to contact me through the form below and let me know about your books. I’d love to discover what you’ve been writing. My own reading list has been rather slim lately and I could do with a few reading suggestions.