Brand New Climbing, Western Hits From Heavy-Hitters Juliette Douglas, GP Hutchinson And C. Wayne Winkle!

Colonel Tom Brady was in charge of protecting President Grant and sniffing out any terroristic threats to the President or the country. And right now, he needed an informant…a female informant, to invade the southern sympathizers connected with the Knights of the Golden Circle, who were slowly converging on Washington, DC, set to overthrow the government and assassinate President Grant.

Samantha Davis saved Colonel Brady’s hide by stopping some thugs from beating him to a pulp in Saint Louis, and it was going to take some doing to transform this brash, uncouth street waif into a southern belle for his purpose.
Trailing a herd to Abilene, Kansas, Ross Cooper had no idea what lay in store for him with Colonel Brady’s next assignment.

Will Ross Cooper and Sam Davis make the perfect undercover couple for this undertaking? Or will they constantly lock horns blowing their cover jeopardizing the mission?

Will they be able to keep President Grant safe?

An era of time not often explored, comes to life in this new novel by Juliette Douglas. Fiction based upon fact. Click here to purchase your copy!

They’ve cruelly stolen precious lives. Now, Reno Carrigan is out to settle accounts.

When Reno Carrigan’s young wife and sister-in-law are brutally murdered, and the local law will give him neither a badge nor a posse, Carrigan determines to pursue the murdering outlaws alone. Before he can gain a step on the desperados, however, he learns that they have found refuge in a hellish town where cruelty keeps the locals in line. It takes little time for Carrigan to decide that—whether he lives or dies dealing out justice—he’s going to make his enemies pay. Click here to grab your copy of this great western adventure!


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