The Reckoning: A Reno Carrigan Western: A Western Adventure

For those of you who have been looking for a new western series to read… you may be excited to discover “The Reckoning: A Reno Carrigan Western” from GP Hutchinson. Hutchinson who has had previous success wrote this new action-packed novel especially for those readers who want action, action, action!

They’ve cruelly stolen precious lives. Now, Reno Carrigan is out to settle accounts.

When Reno Carrigan’s young wife and sister-in-law are brutally murdered, and the local law will give him neither a badge nor a posse, Carrigan determines to pursue the murdering outlaws alone. Before he can gain a step on the desperados, however, he learns that they have found refuge in a hellish town where cruelty keeps the locals in line. It takes little time for Carrigan to decide that—whether he lives or dies dealing out justice—he’s going to make his enemies pay. Grab your copy today!