America’s Greatest Lawmen: The Gun, The Badge and The Dead: A Tribute: A Western Adventure From Scott Harris, Fred Staff And Many Others


From Scott Harris, Fred Staff, M. Allen, Michael Haden and many of the biggest names in the West comes “America’s Greatest Lawmen.” These western adventures tell the stories of lawmen and their fight against the deadly crime of the Old West.

The marshal stands tall, his hand just above the gun that hangs against his leg… the outlaw jeers… aims his gun…. The marshal draws, fires and blows the outlaw to kingdom come… The peace is kept, law and order has been maintained. The badge has won.

The United States of America was tamed by these men and women. Brave men and women who took a lawless land and made it what it is today—one of the finest countries in the world—economically, militarily and culturally. The wars, the battles, and the end product were the result of the taming of the West.

In this new collection from Dusty Saddle Publishing, we wanted to pay tribute to the men and women who trod the lawless land and made it the land of the free. In this collection, you will find stories from Scott Harris, Fred Staff, Michael Haden, C. Wayne Winkle, Justin Harris and many others—these stories should entertain and excite you—the reader. But never forget that were it not for those early lawmen, we wouldn’t have the wonderful free country we have today. These stories are fiction, action-packed and deadly, so watch yourself while you read and enjoy them. Grab your copy today!