Fie, Hanlon And Dusty Saddle Publishing Are… The Guns of U.S. Lawmen

Five of the biggest authors have been pulled together to create the new Dusty Saddle Publishing anniversary collection! It’s been two years of great success– so now you can get five great novels for the price of one!

From The Collection:

“Dusty Saddle Publishing is a Western publishing house devoted to one thing—great Western stories. Whether those stories are from a known author, or from a new guy—we are devoted to taking that story and turning out a book that we know our readers will love.

Over 2018 we have been busy with our catalogue of authors. We have released nearly two hundred titles. Of those titles we have seen over three quarters hit the bestseller charts. We introduced a series of mutli-author collections called “Six Bullets to Sundown” and saw twelve volumes of that series hit the bestseller charts. We have turned out audiobooks, paperbacks and now we are energized—because it’s our anniversary. This is the second-year anniversary for a company that has moved millions of pages of books for our authors.

It’s a celebration—but also a chance to look back at our momentous year of success. We would like you to join us as we celebrate, and remember—if you are a storyteller with a story you feel our readers would like to read… you can contact us at any time by emailing No promise of wealth and fame—but our guarantee to listen to you and help you the best we can.

Anyway—read our stories and see what you think. We love them all— our authors are fantastic storytellers, and we are proud to share them with you today.”