Pastor Jim Burnett Beams With Pride As He Holds His Copy of “Guide My Hand, Precious Hand”

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Pastor Jim Burnett beams as he holds a copy of his newly release inspirational western “Guide My Hand, Precious Lord.”

From Pastor Jim Burnett:

Dusty Saddle Publishing and I are excited to share with you the first dedicated inspirational Western collection, “Guide My Hand, Precious Lord.” Tales of love, loss, regret and honor written by some of the greatest Western stars of today! We hope that you will be encouraged, challenged, inspired, and renewed as you read these short stories of people of the Old West who relied on God through the thick and thin of life and found Him faithful. You will laugh at the humorous situations that crop up in the characters’ lives. And a merry heart, as Proverbs says, is like a medicine. Other times, you will weep as you relate to their heartaches and imagine yourself walking in their boots. But most importantly, we hope as you saddle up with us and come along for the ride that you will be reminded of the powerful love our heavenly Father has for all of us. He is faithful, and you can trust Him to love you, guide you, and be with you all of your days. Enjoy as you read and look through the lens of these talented Western writers as they bring the Bible to life, wrapping spiritual stories in Western heritage.


Jim Burnett



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  1. Yes Nick I am very happy with how this collection turned out. I believe people will be blessed by the content and encouraged to look upward, as the cover suggests.