The Widget Interview: A Short Conversation with Bestselling Author Rebecca McLendon

rebecca m

This interview is with the ever-talented Becky McLendon. One of her bestselling books, “Settling In: At Home in My Sky,” has recently been turned into an audiobook. Readers around the world can now sit back, listen to her great story and decide whether they have what it takes to become an aviator in retirement.

Her new audiobook is available now from Amazon. You can download it right here. You’re still not convinced? Let’s get on with the interview then… 

What do you think people are looking for when they buy audiobooks? What really grabs their attention?

I know what I am looking for.  I like an engaging or entertaining audio for long car trips.  It makes the drive much more pleasant, and the time passes quickly.  People tend to search for subject matter that strikes their interest, for example a passion, a hobby or quest for adventure.

How do you find the right voice—and how do you know which voice is the right voice?

I listed preferences when requesting interviews of narrators.  I selected a voice that best suited my particular dialect, age group and accent to tell my story.  After listening to several recorded auditions, I made my selection, and she did both of my books.

What were your major concerns about having your book turned into an audiobook?

I did not want audio to take away from my tone and voice as it was depicted in the writing.

Do you think there is an element of risk to the process? A chance that the right voice might not be quite “right”?

I am sure there is risk involved.  One could get over half-way through a book and the author might see that the narrator’s heart was simply not “in” the material. I was fortunate that my narrator really began to “feel” my books and grew to love them.  That to me is most important.

How long did it take for you to turn your book into an audiobook?

The whole process takes a month or two at the most.  My narrator worked quickly and made corrections quickly.  The only slow process was when I decided to take the audiobook down to settle issues.  Taking down, reviewing and re-doing took about two months. 

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