Bestselling Author M.L. Newman Reveals What It Takes To Write Hit Novels

fade away coverM. L. Newman is an independent writer who lives in rural Connecticut with her wonderful husband. She is a member of the RWA. She has a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from Marist College. She is active in community theatre and has played characters ranging from Brigitta Von Trapp in The Sound of Music to Ms. Hannigan in Annie which has inspired the many fun aspects and personalities for the characters in her romance novels. This interview is all about her writing dreams… let’s find out more…

Good morning!

Good morning!

Why was it important for you to write? What drove that ambition?

The ambition to write was driven mostly from the stories that I have within my mind. After getting one story out, there was another one waiting, and so on and so on. I enjoy sharing the stories with readers, and they have enjoyed reading them.

How closely do you try to keep to historical fact?

Historical facts don’t usually matter when it comes to my stories; however, I would stick close to the facts to drive home the reality portion of the story. It makes the fantasy or paranormal that much more shocking when it comes out.

Would you ever write a book about the Alamo or other historical events?

I don’t believe that I would write about historical events too deeply. I would definitely glaze upon them in a story, but it wouldn’t be the main focus. I currently have a story on the back burner, which is very much grounded in a specific historical event before it transcends into more paranormal features.

Do you believe in good and bad? Is that a concept that all who write books should keep in mind?

Most people are not good or bad; they are sprinkled with both. I think that is what makes characters interesting. Everyone has a motive to be successful, and when that is threatened, people can show a side of themselves that is either not so pure or push through to get what they want, no matter the cost.

Do you think it’s important to have a large publisher as an author?

I don’t believe that it is as important as some may think it is. As a writer, no matter who is backing you up, the story will be told one way or another.

Are you ever surprised by how many readers there are, still, in the world?

Yes, I am always surprised by the amount of readers there are in the literary world. It is a pleasant surprise that I hope to continue to help grow.

Is there any kind of book you wouldn’t write, or couldn’t write?

I don’t believe that I could write a children’s book at this point in my life; however, maybe one day it will happen.

Do you think writers read more books than the average reader—or is that just a myth?

That is a great question. I don’t think that I read more than the average reader simply because I do have to spend more time in my own head, writing, versus being able to binge read as often as I wish I could.

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