Optimism, Consistency and Dreams are the Greatest Tools For Book Success

womanI had a dream. To spend all of my life in one place doing something for others in an industry where few things are done for the benefit of others. The one message that I wanted, and will always want to continue to give to the world, is that if you can dream it—you can achieve it. Nothing is impossible. If the idea comes to you, only you can make it or break it. That’s why I am addicted to optimism. I have a faith that is, for want of better words, sensational. I don’t care what the genre is; I don’t care who the author is; I don’t even care whether or not you’re a professional writer. That’s not the subject. I am not here to lecture you and tell you what is wrong with your dream—I am here to help you. I am a follower of optimism, and that optimism gives me faith in your ability to tell a story. All of you can be followers of optimism no matter what your background or faith. I don’t promote a service—I promote a relationship. I don’t promote a series of doctrines. I promote a person. An author.

And what can an author do to make themselves heard? The biggest and most powerful form of promotion is optimism. A belief in your product that is greater than any belief you’ve ever had can be more useful to the success of your book than any number of ads, promotions or reviews. The road to a successful book is one of stability and consistency. The power to remain consistent comes from optimism, and you hold the power.

I was asked the other day why I had worked on books other promoters, publishers and book experts had turned down. I thought for a few moments and said, “Because everyone should have a chance to succeed. Everyone should have the opportunity to have their book read by the world. I believe in the person, not the size of their budget.” And this is true—because if it were not so, W.M. Montague would not be selling more books than ever; Cliff Roberts would still be looking for an editor, and he would not have had his books sold in almost every country in the world; J.C. Hulsey would still be retired, rather than running a publishing empire. My faith in others binds me and pushes me to want to make others successful.

So what can you do right now to make a difference in your book sales? You can start your day by believing that you will have ONE sale today. You can take that same belief every day and believe that you will have a sale every day. If you can achieve that one goal, then you can make your dreams bigger, wider, stronger, and you can achieve great success. If you have a small victory, you will find that your faith will stay consistent, and soon you will be working towards that bigger goal—that success in the publishing business that we are told is so rare, so uncommon.  If I can dream it and achieve it, and if Cliff Roberts, J.C. Hulsey, W.M. Montague, and the rest of my clients can dream it and achieve it—so can you.

Optimism and consistency walk hand in hand with each other. If you can believe in these two things, you will be successful. You can contact me through the contact form below. I would love to hear from you.