Ride The Trail with Cowboy Hitster Author Jeff Breland


This interview is with one of the most popular western authors of the moment. His name is Jeff Breland. You may have read one of his books… If you have then you are in good company. If you haven’t… Well you may want to after you read this interview….


In pursuit of two desperate outlaws, Stone rides into the sleepy little town of Abbot. After dodging an outlaw’s bullet, he captures them, but is forced to kill one after the fact. Placing the remaining prisoner in the ramshackle jail, he meets a beautiful Mexican girl. Ironically, she has a personal vendetta against the killer. The hanging she anticipates witnessing is foiled when two low-lives facilitate a jail-break.

As Stone prepares to track this killer once again, the Mexican girl insist on accompanying him. It is her desire, she informs him, to kill this animal herself. Stone refuses, but she is not to be denied. She will either ride alongside or follow behind. Given no choice, he relents.

As they chase this desperado along the Canadian River in northern New Mexico there will be times Stone is glad the woman is along. Other times he’s not so sure.


Jeff, why do you think your Westerns have been so successful?

I think it’s all down to the fact that I have a series of stories that are traditional Westerns. I believe Western readers gravitate towards the books that they feel are traditional in their approach to the West. I also think readers like a story that will leave them on the edge of their seat. I try to do that with my books, and from my reviews, I believe I can say that I have been successful.

What makes a great Western novel?

A great story. Just like any other book. You have to remember what the West was about. It was a time of discovery, lawlessness, hard work and most of all—a time of great humanity. You have to have all of these elements to make your Western interesting, but you also have to add all the bad bits, too. The Wild West was exactly that—wild, so you have to make sure people have their fill of violence, even if it isn’t gratuitous.

Do you feel that some authors are too gratuitous when it comes to the violence in their books?

It’s not for me to judge the books of others. I believe all writers have the right to write whatever they want. Freedom of speech is one of the great cornerstones of our great land of America.

How do you approach marketing?

I use a publicist. He publicizes, I write. I do my fair share of posting on social media, though, with the help of my wife. My advice to you is to promote your work. You won’t get anywhere unless you shout, scream and raise hell.

Do you foresee a time when you will tire of writing Westerns?

I foresee a time when I will be known for writing other kinds of books. I’ve already written books that have nothing to do with the Western genre. I would like to continue exploring my ideas at my own pace—but I’m sure I will always write Westerns.

What makes a great Western character?

What makes a person a person? A Western character is no different to the person on the street today. The only difference is the experiences that shaped him. A cowboy had experiences that differ greatly to those of a student at college today. All you have to do is take a blank canvas and color the character with the flavorings of his time. The hard work, the struggle, religion, death and the constant danger of being in a new land. The better the character is flavored—the better the character will be.

Would you ever want to return to the Old West?

I’d be happy to. I’d be a gunfighter—I’d roam the land and take my life in my own hands. I’d survive by my own skill with a gun.

Wouldn’t you be scared of death?

What’s to fear?

Interesting response. How do you feel about the way readers have taken to your work?

I’ve been very happy with the response so far. Readers seem to like buying my books, and they seem to get a kick out of my characters. I’m very happy with the way things have turned out.

What’s next for you?

More books. What else? My work on Earth won’t be done until all my stories are told. I am currently having several of my books turned into audiobooks. That’s a great way to increase your readership. All the indications are that audiobooks are becoming more popular than ever.

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