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Is Your Life Haunted? An Interview With Author G. Michael Vasey

Is there anyone out there who isn’t scared of the books G. Michael Vasey writes? His “Your Haunted Lives” series has been tearing up the Amazon charts for some time now. His audiobooks are favorites of listeners who like their books creepy, and his blog “My Haunted Life Too” is one of the most diverse …

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Why The Middle East Still Fascinates Writing Star Cliff Roberts

There was a time in the past when the world didn’t know who a Cliff Roberts was. Back then, there were no cell phones, there were no computers. There were just dinosaurs. It was their lack of knowledge about Cliff Roberts that caused that dog-gone meteorite to come down from space and kill them all. …

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So, Your Western Isn’t Selling… Isn’t It About Time You Turned Your Western Into A Hit?

Today’s interview is with a book promoter. His name Nick Wale, and he has the distinction of having had 15 books in the Western top 100 at the same time. He started off working for thriller writer Cliff Roberts, and during their first year together, he helped move $100,000 dollars’ worth of his thrillers. He …

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Flying Answers: An Interview with Becky McLendon: Part One

This interview is with the ever-talented Becky McLendon. Her new book, “Settling In: At Home in My Sky,” has recently been turned into an audiobook. Readers around the world can now sit back, listen to her great story and decide whether they have what it takes to become an aviator in retirement. Her new audiobook …

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So You Want To Write A Western Novel? An Interview with #1 Bestseller G.P. Hutchinson


So You Want To Turn Your Western Into An Audiobook?

A great voice is something to be cherished… voices like Lanza, Sinatra, Elvis and Bob Dylan have all found success in the music industry, and when you have a voice like Paul Provo, you can get work wherever you go as easily as opening your mouth. Outlaws Publishing signed Chet A. Cord just recently, and needed …

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