Bob’s Your Uncle: An Interview with the Voice of the Westerns—Bob Rundell


As Western readers know– only certain voices can work when it comes to narrating Western novels. That voice has to be special, articulate, weathered and above all– authentic. Bob Rundell is a relative newcomer to the world of Western novels, but he is becoming one of the most prolific Western audiobook narrators available through ACX.

This interview is with the very popular Rundell. For those of you looking to get your Western on audiobook, you may want to use him. For those who love Westerns, you will certainly want to hear him.

Welcome Bob!

Hi! Thank you for asking me to do an interview for this site.

You are more than welcome. Let me start by asking why you like to work on Western novels? 

The characters are more diverse, genuine and believable.

What is it about the Western that gets your interest? 

The values of the times and the believable characters in their setting.

What are your favorite Western movies? 

Anything with John Wayne, Tom Selleck or Sam Elliot.

How did those movies influence the way you read the stories? 

The movies didn’t, but because I was raised in that lifestyle, it was a natural.

Is there a Western movie you would have loved to have read?

The Searchers, Conagher, pretty much most of them!

What do you have to keep in mind when you are reading these books? 

I try to “see” the characters and settings as the author does.

Are there any important rules? 

The author is always right!

In your opinion, who is the greatest American folk hero from the West and why?

Davy Crockett — although a childhood hero because of the Saturday matinees and TV program, he was a very real personage that accomplished a lot in his lifetime.

How can people contact you to work with you on their books? 

By e-mail:,, or phone: 719-429-1100

Do you think it’s important to have a large publisher as a Western author?

Size doesn’t matter — but ability to market does!

Of all the books you’ve worked on, which was your favorite? 

Unbroke Horses by D.B. Jackson.

Are you ever surprised by how many Western fans there are in the world? 

No . . . more surprised that there aren’t more.

Would you ever read a non-Western? 

I have. I have even done a children’s book.  Content is most important, not genre.

If you could travel back to the West and be a cowboy — would you? 

In a sense, I have and am.  I was raised in a ranch setting with all the animals, etc., and have that lifestyle as a very important part of my character-building life.  I have ranchers in my family and have had horses in my fields.  So, yes.

With a varied background in business and ministry, Bob has garnered a wealth of experience that provided insight to people, their thinking, and their tendencies.  He has spent many years as a pastor, counselor and teacher as well as the owner/manager of several businesses that included a successful insurance agency that he built up to over $3 million in annual sales.   As a happy husband of his wife, Dawn, and the father of four grown daughters, family and home are very important parts of his life.

His career in voice acting has only recently been a focus, and he has certainly enjoyed early success.  With praise from many authors and publishers on his voice and his characterizations, this certainly will be the central focus of his life for the foreseeable future.