Seduce Me… What Is Hot?


As a romance writer, I spend a lot of time thinking about what it is that makes me want to make a character my ‘book boyfriend.’ As a single woman in the dating world, I do the same thing. I can’t help but wonder what’s hot? What attracts me? What is it that makes me sit up and say, “Yes, please. Can I have some more?” Is it that dark, cocky attitude that you see from Bennett in “Beautiful Bastard” by Christina Lauren? Because, damn! Or is it that playful sexiness from Max in “Beautiful Stranger”? Yes, Max, you can take pictures of me anytime you want, no matter what we are doing (wink, wink).
Since EL James’ smash hit, 50 Shades of Grey, the landscape of the erotica market has changed. It begs the question, in your mind, what is hot? For me, that answer comes down to one resounding truth… seduce me! I don’t want to be shocked or surprised. I want to be eased into a seduction, like in Kresley Cole’s “The Master.” Let’s pause and give thanks to the main character who is Maksimilian. Domineering? You bet. Sexist? Slightly. Hotter then hell? Absolutely. I’ve never thought Russian mafia was my thing, but after reading “The Master,” I added it to my list of things that are very, very hot.
kissSo what is hot? I can tell you this much—it’s not getting d**k pics sent to me after talking to a guy for one day. What’s hot? A confident man in a suit, who looks like he’s capable of handling any situation. One who knows he’s sexy but doesn’t feel the need to tell everyone about it. Sitting at a table full of people saying, “I know how to make a woman cum eight different ways”…not so hot. But whispering that in my ear right before you actually do it… that’s hot as hell.
As I continue to read all of these amazing books, I can’t help but become a fan of these authors. So you want to talk about a little bondage, if that’s your thing. How about that faithful scene in “Lover Eternal” by JRlips Ward? When our sexy Hollywood is chained to a bed by his sweet Mary. Talk about spank bank material… that is hot. But let’s be honest; it wasn’t just the chains, his abs or his ability to barely hang on to what little control he had.  Although that really does add to the hot factor, it was an intense moment that had you turning pages all hours of the night. Did it shock me? No. But you better believe it seduced the hell out of me. So, chains? Yeah, I could do chains as long as it’s with Rhage.
Some people like to be shocked in the moment. For me, I want to be seduced into doing something shocking. I want to put a book down and say, “Damn, I need to try that.” Hell, when I write my books, I want my readers to walk away thinking “I want to try that.” So, you want to know what’s hot? Pick up any of Christina Lauren’s books, give Kresley Cole a try, and bow down to the queen of seduction, JR Ward. And if you want to know what I think is hot, pick up my book, “Bound to Me,” where the best kind of foreplay begins on a leather couch…

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The novel reviewers just can’t get enough of… “Bound To Me” will turn your life around…

The best kind of foreplay begins on a leather couch…

For renowned playboy Decland Wallace, it’s not you it’s me, has never been more true. With an insatiable appetite in the bedroom and a dangerous desire to dominate, he has yet to find the one who can keep up with his private ambitions. Until he discovers a mysterious beauty in a club where physical pleasure is on the nightly menu. The game is on as a single night with a seductress in a lace mask ignites a yearning for something more. Just when he thinks he’s found the one to fulfil his darkest cravings she’s hell bent on walking away, leaving him with an addiction only she can satisfy. He’ll use every dirty trick in his play book to keep her… even if it costs them everything.

When her one night stand Decland Wallace turns out to be her newest client, sex therapist, Addison Tyler will walk, straddle and ride the line of professional and personal in ways she couldn’t imagine. Faced with a completely do-able client whose mischievous words, bed-tossed hair, and fiendish impulses prove far too difficult to resist, Addison is on the verge of losing herself to the one man she shouldn’t. One false step, slide of the hand, or slip of the tongue could bring her carefully constructed world crashing down and into Decland Wallace.

This book contains extremely hot and explicit descriptions of adult romantic activity. Only readers over 18 should download or buy this book.