I was nominated by my client and frend G. Michael Vasey to take part in a work space blog hop. We both live in the Czech Republic at the moment. He lives in Brno and I live in Prague. We both work from home offices and you can see his work space hop here.

I also have to mention his big, bestselling novel “The Last Observer” which is available now from Amazon.

office 1

My office is at the back of our apartment. It’s a comfy clean space I share with my wife. I chose this room as the office because it’s big enough to spend your whole day in. My desk is at the bottom of the room and the rest of the room is pure floor space. I broke my last swivel office chair so I replaced it with a comfy, lounge-around-at home green chair with a cover. I spend most of my day sitting on it– so why not?

Sunlight streams across my desk so it’s always bright and sunny in this room. It’s a joy to walk into every morning.

office 2

I keep my cell phone close by and that book over there is my filo-fax. I jot down ideas, dates and appointments in that book and my business couldn’t run without it. Now, this desk is normally untidy, so you caught it on a day when I wasn’t sticking sticky notes across it to brainstorm promotional ideas. You can see the stickie pad is on my wifes side of the desk at the moment. On any given day you can find my desk covered in these yellow stickies.

office 3

I am not much of a hoarder in the Czech Republic. I keep 5 Cliff Roberts novels and 4 Tim Flanagan novels on the shelving unit by my desk. The Cliff Roberts novels were my big, breakthrough hits. We moved 100,000 of those. Tim Flanagan is one of my favorite writers and one of my best friends. I keep his books around because they are some of the best teenage fiction novels on the market. He is also a consistent seller.

Below the books I keep records. Harry Belafonte, Roy Hamilton, Sam Cooke, Sammy Davis, Stan Kenton and Bobby Darin. I like to have music playing all day long in my office. It helps me think. I grew up in a house filled with music.

office 5

The view from my office window. It’s peaceful at the back of our apartment and I enjoy spending my downtime just relaxing in here.

office 4

This is the view from my behind my desk. Red mouse, blue phone and laptop. You can see my external drive where I keep all my promotional ideas and strategies. I also have to have an overhead lamp as I tend to work late into the night and the chandelier lighting in here drives me crazy. I like low level lighting.

You’ve all seen my office now. This is where the creative magic happens. Sticky notes, a filo-fax, a cell phone, laptop and external drive. I lead a simple life in the Czech Republic– but a fulfilling one.

Thank you to Gary Vasey for nominating me. I would like to nominate Tim Flanagan. I think you will find his working space very interesting…. Won’t they, Tim?


  1. Well – your office is certainly bigger than mine Nick! It’s interesting to see more of it, usually I only get to see the view from the computer via the skype cam. Anyway – I accept the challenge – link coming soon…

  2. Come visit my little pink cupboard under the stairs!