The Latest Novel Ideas News…

The latest news and statistics from Novel Ideas Book Promotion. The summer has started with a bang…

Lisa Blackstone is at #1  in the U.S.A with her first book “The Guest.

Cliff Roberts is cleaning up with a top 20 placing for his new book “Apollo Road,” “Apollo Road” has just been optioned as a possible movie.

Princess Fumi Hancock has a new book coming out shortly. Her new short release hit #2 on Amazon and her upcoming movie “Of Sentimental Value” is picking up award-nominations at record pace.

Tim Flanagan has just scored hitsville with a new edition of “From Feet To Fiction.”

Mike Trahan made a heavily attended appearance at a library yesterday and will be promoting his bestselling “Gift” series throughout the summer. There is talk of a new interview to be released later this month.

Bruce Bennett is in the top 40 with his book “UnAmerica,”

Boyd Lemon is having a record sales month.

Rob Morris has a new bestseller lined up for release later this week. This will be one of his first new releases of the year. Morris has a track record of having worldwide bestsellers with each consecutive release.

Alex Cord is currently making appearances nationwide to promote his new book “The Man Who Would Be God.” He has recently announced a memoir. Sadly it is to be released later in the year.

MJ Summers is working on a third novel as her second novel “Breaking Love” hurtles towards it’s release date.