“When It’s Hot” and Making You Hot: An Interview with Erotic Author Emma Lauren

Emma Lauren is the author, and “When It’s Love: An Illicit Contemporary Romance” is the book. Readers across the world are currently enjoying this hot read, and I am proud to announce that the new Emma Lauren book tour starts on this site. Have you ever wondered about the possibility of a warm, erotic read that could keep your bed hotter than your husband? Read on…. This book is for you!

Q) Why is “When It’s Love” hot, and what makes it so hot? 

A) I’m glad you’re calling it hot.  Thank you!  I think When It’s Love is hot because the sex is very real and raw.  And it starts off with a student’s crush on her professor.  From the first sentence, the reader is anticipating sex.  That anticipation builds in the reader and the expectation is like foreplay.

Q) How do you decide what is hot?

A) If writing it puts me in the mood, it’s usually a good sign.

Q) When writing a sex scene, what do you really think about?

A) When I’m writing a sex scene, I’m completely involved in the characters and the actions.  Revising a sex scene is a different story–that’s the time when I have to look at it critically, and ask questions like, is it even possible for him to reach her breasts from that position?

Q) Is it true that only a woman knows what a woman likes?

A) It’s partly true.  A guy can learn.  And there’s a lot to be learned from the male lead in When It’s Love.  He’s the ultimate lover. If more guys read When It’s Love, there will be some happy women out there.

Q) Is there any part of your main character that resembles you?

A) Well, definitely not physically.  I’m not a blonde with long legs, but I’ve got my thing going on!.  The main character has some emotional traits that come from my heart.  And her love of cats–that’s definitely me.

Q) When creating a “hot” male character, do you write what you would personally like to have in a sex partner?

A) Not necessarily.  I can imagine writing about a lot of sexual partners I wouldn’t like to have.  It’s more about the story and what the characters want.

Q) How steamy is too steamy? 

A) If it’s well-written, there’s no such thing.

Q) When did you first realize that you wanted to write an erotic book?

A) I didn’t know the book would turn out as erotic as it did.  I had a sexy romance story rolling around in my mind, I started writing it down, and the sex scenes just happened.  The characters led me into them.  The characters were very much alive and real in my mind, and the sex just happened (kind of like it does in real life).

Q) What is erotic to you and why?

A) My husband.  The combination of deep love and desire is very powerful.

Q) What is wrong with most of the erotic books you’ve read?

A) For me, it’s all about the quality of the writing.  No matter how hot a story is, if it’s not well-written, it’s not going to keep my attention, and I won’t find it a turn on. What are they missing?  I think a lot of erotic novels have poorly developed characters.  The focus is often on how many positions the author can get them into, rather than showing the reader who the characters are.

Q) How often do your characters “get it on” in your book?

A) I don’t want to give away the number of orgasms in the book.

Q) Can erotic books be crude, and does it matter if they are?

A) Of course they can be crude.  There’s an audience for crude; hence, the vast amount of hard core Internet porn.

Q) What is the biggest turn off for a girl? 

A) When a guy is insulting.

Q) Do you try to write in ways that appeal to as many women as possible?

A) I try to write well, and I hope that I have a wide appeal.

Q) Last question! Are bald men attractive? Ever?

A) Of course!  If he’s got a hot body and stubble on his cheeks, bald is irrelevant.

Get it whilst it’s hot! “When It’s Love: An Illicit Contemporary Romance” is available now!