Your Kids Need This!



Are you and your children overwhelmed and stressed?


Most parents and kids are.


You may be bustling to and from after-school activities or arguing with your kids about behavior and homework. It’s common. And through all of your frustrations what you really want is to provide the best possible life for your child.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could know exactly what your child needs for their personal success?


If you answered YES . . . I’m excited to invite you to be a part of the first online global event of its kind that specifically focuses on how you can help your child’s individual needs —because each child is unique!


Starting January 20th, twentyfive of the world’s leading experts—myself included—on personal development for kids, parenting, health and education are coming together to help you ensure success for your child at home and in school.


The truth is, parents and kids are overwhelmed and it’s hard to know what the best decisions are for you and your child. That’s why this event is going to cover the hot topics of what you need to know to help your family the most!


It’s absolutely FREE . . . and it’s happening right here—on your computer.


It’s called Successful Kids Revolution and its being hosted by Julie Kleinhans, Youth Empowerment and Education Expert.


Join Successful Kids Revolution Now!


Why do you want to join this event today?


These 25 experts are top when it comes to children and teens. We’ve come together to share with you a ton of information and techniques that you can immediately start using at home, and teachers can use in the classroom!


Starting January 20th you’ll learn firsthand from experts like Christy Whitman, Larry and Oksana Ostrovsky, Dr. Margaret Paul, Shelly Lefkoe, Natalie Ledwell, Tori Hartman, Karen Curry, Izzy Kalman, Mike Domitrz, Sherry Gaba, Anat Baniel, Brad Yates, John Seeley and more.


Never before has such a dynamic team gathered in one place to help you discover how to create the habits to support and inspire your child’s personal best – and most importantly – your child’s happiness and wellbeing.


Join Christy Whitman as she shares how to Create Abundance for You and Your Kids, Dr. Margaret Paul on Teaching Kids Self Love, and Shelly Lefkoe will show you the power of Overcoming Limiting Beliefs so Your Kids can Thrive.


Also, Izzy Kalman will empower you to Rise Above Bullying, Mike Domitrz will lead you through Talking to Teens about Dating and Intimacy, and Sherry Gaba will show you how to Prevent and Overcome Addiction in Teens.


Anat Baniel will discuss Growth and Possibilities for the ADD/ADHD Child, Brad Yates walks us through how to use EFT for Parents and Kids, and John Seeley will address Getting Kids Unstuck.


You’ll finally have a plan for your family!


This Global Online Event WILL Support and Empower You!


  • Help kids de-stress from overwhelm, school and overcome any fear
  • Teach children about money – so they don’t rely on you to be their piggy bank
  • Inspire imagination to help kids with sleeping, self-esteem and fighting with their siblings
  • Receive the tools to deal with radical change, pain, death, divorce, trauma and recovery
  • Learn the law of attraction for kids
  • Use EFT to make better choices and achieve greater results
  • Overcome behavioral problems like bullying and tantrums
  • Gain the knowledge to effectively communicate your needs and teach it to your kids
  • Know how to talk about sex with your children
  • Nurture your child’s spirituality
  • Understand your child’s bonding style and how it affects their future
  • And much, much more!


Claim YOUR access now!


Remember, Successful Kids Revolution is brought to you at no charge and all from the comfort of your own computer—anywhere in the world. Success for Your Family Begins Now!


Plus when you register today, you will receive a free Bonus package with added gifts from our faculty worth over $1,000!


Join the movement now!




P.S.  Share the love and forward this email to your friends, colleagues and family members anyone who wants to help their kids! They will appreciate the invitation.


P.P.S.  Remember the bonuses I mentioned will not be available once the revolution begins on 1/20, so be sure to sign up now!