I want to tell you all about a new opportunity I have to share with you all. I have started a new book promotion website called The LIST.”

The LIST” is nothing more and nothing less than a list of books and why readers should buy them. 

I am offering anyone reading this post the chance to put their book on this new website for FREE! There’s no catch and no cost of any kind to place your book with a single line linked blurb on The LIST.” The more books we have listed… The bigger the site will grow and the better the chances are that your book will be bought.

It will be FREE to list your cover with a one line linked blurb underneath.

Now there are extras you can buy… Longer blurbs, bigger listings, more exposure… Whatever… BUT to list your book cover and link it to Amazon is not a single solitary dollar.  This is EXPOSURE and it’s FREE what could be better?

Check out “The LIST” and send an email to if you want to add your book and become part of the future.