Pure Magic! Nick Wale Interviews Author Cheryl Pillsbury

Cheryl Pillsbury is an enterprising contemporary writer. She runs a publishing company, promotes her books, others’ books and manages to find time to interview with guys like myself. I wonder how she manages it all?  Before the interview, she nervously asked me how we would handle things. I told her to just stay calm, answer as she wanted to and not to worry about anything. She did, and we put together a strong interview in just under an hour. Let’s go and see what Ms Pillsbury had to say…

Q) Good morning, Cheryl! How are you?

A) Good morning, Nick. I am just fine.

Q) So, let me start by asking how you got drawn into this crazy world of writing?

A) It’s hard to say, but like most girls I had a diary and noticed the entries were a story, and I was talking to a person. I came up with the idea to write my diary as though it were a story and gave him a name. I was a tomboy growing up–played hockey–and so my diary was a male friend and it went from there.

Q) Have you always written as though you are talking to a male friend? Is that something that you, as a writer, do to get results?

A) Sometimes, but other times the stories/characters talk to me sharing a story. You see I am Wicca, Clairvoyant and Empathic. I sense and feel.

Q) Really? What does that feel like to be around the spirits?

A) It feels warm, and my arms feel as though they are being tickled. It could be described as a tingling feeling.

Q) I wanted to ask you about “Arthyn,” which is considered to be one of your best works. For readers who haven’t heard of it—what’s it about?

A) Arthyn is a pure seed where his brother Lantz is the bad seed. With that said, Arthyn is discovered in a cave when Lantz escapes his prison, and Arthyn must stop him before Lantz and the Dark Witch conceive the Child of Destruction, hence the term ‘pure seed.’

Q) How would you define the book? What genre would you call it? It seems to overcome many of the barriers we use to define the books we buy.

A) It is Fantasy Mythology.

Q) How was the book received by readers?

A) Arthyn is very popular with my readers. A lot of my friends had a hard time finishing it because it was so intense.

Q) You run your own publishing company too, correct?

A) Yes, I run AG Press, a self publishing company. We have published about ten authors so far, half are returns with a second or third book

Q) Now, you are a successful writer and a publisher. What would your advice be to a newbie writer starting out?

A) Follow your heart and spirit with the story and you will fly!

Q) As a professional, I would like to ask you, do professional editing and promotion really matter?

A) Yes, it does. It’s a must, and marketing is always important! How else will people know about your book?

Q) What is the magic ingredient to success?

A) Be kind and address people by name. I think writers should smile, share their story and willingly ask for ideas from readers.

Q) Is it really that simple?

A) Yes, give and you shall get back far more than you gave. I give away many, many copies of my books- especially the children’s stories.

Q) How have your children’s books been received?

A) The kids love them- I gave them away for free to schools in New York. Especially my “Gambit” series! The boys love those!

Q) You have written and published 25 books. Which are your favourites?

A) My popular books are Peleport, my mystical series, vampires. My Amie series is for Autism, Gambit is free because of Marvel Entertainment.

Q) Marvel, as in the comic company?

A) Yes, Gambit is their character. I write stories around him so we agree I can write thembut give them out for free. The actor Taylor Kitsch is on the cover by his and his manager’s permission.

Q) What an honour! Thank you for your time, Cheryl.

A) You are so welcome!


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