A Letter From Tom Ufert…

Tom UfertDear Friends,

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Tom Ufert. I am a 47 year old physically challenged American author surviving nearly twenty-one years with three disabilitiy–Multiple Sclerosis, an incomplete spinal fracture (C5/C6), and HIV. As the author of Adversity Builds Character, I’ve sought to inspire others and demonstrate the awesome strength of the human spirit in overcoming adversity.

Most of my life has been spent seeking to make the world a better place through public service and fulfilling the notion of “noblesse oblige.” I have served on eleven political campaigns, been an LBJ U.S. Congressional Intern, a White House Fellow Nominee, been a constituent aide to two U.S. Congressmen, studied abroad as a Rotary International Graduate Fellow at Australian National University specializing in East Asian Political Affairs, been a member of three charity 501(c)3 boards of directors, and received a double BA from Centenary College of Louisiana in political science and history as a scholarship recipient. I live by the precept that because of God’s blessings upon my life, I have an obligation to give back to my community as so many have given to me. For that reason not only does my book seek to inspire others coping with life’s slings and arrows, but a percentage of every book sold goes directly back to charity. I have already raised small amounts for AIDs charities, Literacy Volunteers, food banks, the American Red Cross, and music education.

This is where I need your help. Please take a moment to visit my website, http://www.authortomufert.info/index.html, and see for yourselves if my endeavors are worthy of your support. There you will find links to my book, hear music that is meaningful to me, see photos of me in action, watch video trailers, read quotes and blogs from my writings, and hopefully be inspired to join my cause of making the world a better place – one person, one day at a time. Regardless, I hope and pray that my story may console those facing their own adversity and give them renewed hope to “NEVER SURRENDER!”

I am sincerely and most humbly yours,

Tom Ufert

Contact me at authortomufert (@) yahoo.com


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  1. Thank you for your email. I found your site very interesting.

  2. I visited your site and found the music and words inspirational. Thank you for the opportunity.

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