A Deal With Michael Haden…

The book is called A Deal With God.

The writer is called Michael Haden.

Michael Haden is a successful Tampa businessman and volunteer girls Division 1 competitive soccer coach. His inspiration for this book came from the girls he’s coached. He currently coaches for FC Tampa and has coached some of the most amazing and fascinating young women to ever play sports in West Central Florida. Dean has coached well over two hundred young womenand each one has their own amazing story. His first book, A Deal With God, tells the could-be story of just one of the girls he has coached.

The Deal

When Deana Murphy died, she told God she would do anything if he would let her come back. Deana didn’t realize what she was getting herself into. God granted her request but in the form of a Deal. He had a mission for Deana that would change everything. Follow Deana as she takes on this mission with full commitment.

Deana is sent on a path that will require her absolute faith and devotion. She is tasked with stopping a high school massacre that would destroy many lives. She will have to move hundreds of miles away from any family or friends; she will have to leave urban Tampa and acclimate to rural Dothan, Georgia.

One element of God’s mission is for Deana to help heal a broken family in this small town. Part of the deal is that Deana has to get the man of God’s choosing to marry her, and she has no say on who this man is. Her faith keeps her going and what starts as a mandate develops into an amazing love story.

This is a story of family and faith, love and inner strength, healing and conquering obstacles, and an absolute triumph of the human spirit.

What Are The Critics Saying?

A Deal With God – The Power of One is a unique love story inspired by a true story and real events. Author Michael Haden, delivers an entertaining and delightful fictional novel that is full of romance, real-life drama and intrigue. A true testament to the love and grace of God, revealing the power of perseverance and the power of one, this novel exemplifies absolute trust and faith in God.

Follow Deana Murphy, a promising young woman with a bright future ahead, abruptly cut short when she was hit head on by a drunk driver. Upon her death she begged God for another chance. He gave her that chance, but in the form of a mandate. Her mission-to leave the familiar, forsaking the past and to fully commit herself and her future to a man of God’s choosing. This will require complete trust and dedication, a forsaking of one’s own will to fulfill the call of God, in the pursuit of saving others.

It is not often that I rave about books like this, but I found this book to be extremely engaging
and inspiring. The main character’s self-sacrificing ways truly epitomize something we should all
aspire to, and the way the plot evolves (and finally ends) is truly amazing. A great read, which
helps put the big picture of life in proper perspective. Great job by the author.

This book is one of the best I’ve ever ordered. It shows that life is precious and should not be taken for granted. One woman in the book hated her life. Most of it was due to lack of effort. The second woman in the book, Deana, wanted any life because her first life had ended. She was willing to do “anything” to have any life. Even though the life she is dealt is one basically another woman didn’t really want, she made the best of it. The last 3-4 chapters were really brilliant. I really loved this novel.

What Are Fellow Writers Saying?

Haden is the epitome of a great writer!“~ Chris Keys- Author of “One Mistake”

What Haden has shown here is true talent!“~ J.W. Northrup- Author of “The Gold Slaves”

Haden is a joy to read!“~ Ellen Mae Franklin- Author of “The Unseen Promise”

Just read it!“~ Patrick Mcmillan- Author of “Happiness For Kids”

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