Keys Unlock Doors: Nick Wale Meets Chris Keys

The new Keys novel has been announced and it’s going to be a killer. The novel is called One Mistake and let me tell you, it was no mistake. The only mistake Chris made was waiting so long to get this killer out there. I believe you will love this interview– Chris is an ex-politician, but we can trust him. He is now reformed, and actually breathes air like a human being. “I am only half crazy now,” he says, with a glint in his eye. “I just can’t stop putting words down on paper!” Chris is a natural smiler.

Q) Hi, Chris, how does it feel to be putting out another book?

A) Oh, it feels good to me! I just love getting them finished and holding them in my hands. That’s when I know it’s real!

Q) How do you know when a manuscript is finished?

A) I put the final period onto the last sentence.

Q) Short answer from such a talkative guy. Are you happy now you’ve left the political arena behind?

A) I really am. It was one of those things I couldn’t wait to get out of. I feel much happier sitting in front of my laptop tapping out the lives of characters and making people happy.

Q)  Is One Mistake your best book to date?

A) It is one of my most cohesive works. My best work is still in my head, and I believe the best book I ever write will be the one that really makes me a household name. Popularity is shunned, but as far as I am concerned it is what all writers really desire. We all aspire to be known.

Q) You have stated that you are trying “to leave a legacy.” Would you say that you are achieving that goal?

A) Yes, each time a book sells better than the one before, I am building a legacy. I want to be remembered for something great, and slowly, I am achieving that.

Q) You are by nature a talented businessman and a man who really gels with the public. How do you translate those talents over to your writing career?

A) I like to sit through interviews and make myself known to my readers. I also like meeting them face-to-face for book signings and every now and again I meet them at the Walmart check-out. People just recognise this big ol’ face of mine sometimes.

Q) You really get stopped at the Walmart checkout?

A) I have been stopped before. One time I was in Tampa and like twenty people came over to talk to me when I was at a waterpark with my kids. “You’re him, aren’t you?” (laughs)

Q) Do you think people just take to you naturally as a person?

A) I guess so! I am just a guy who likes to read and write. I am nothing special, but I do have a certain affinity for the people I meet. If someone says they enjoyed my book then that makes me one happy guy.

Q) I think you are probably one of the most down to earth people I have ever interviewed. How did you get into the writing game?

A) I was bored one day after I had retired and sat down at my computer. The phone wasn’t ringing anymore and the junk emails were piling up in my inbox. I just started writing a short story, and then it became a novel, and then I decided that writing was for me.

I actually started writing in my teens after an accident with a lawnmower. I wrote a lot of books and tried to get them published, but it didn’t work. I did, however, get the taste for writing and continued it off and on for the rest of my working life.

Q) Do you ever plan to return to politics?

A) Not as long as I have a breath left in my body. I had my fill. Let the younger guys take the stress and strain of that business. I want to write; therefore, I will always write.

Q) What is One Mistake about? Can you give me a few insights?

A) Sure! Every criminal makes one mistake and it’s always that mistake that leads the cops to catch them. So, I wrote the perfect crime. A man who wants to kill his cheating wife. I really hope this book doesn’t give anyone any ideas…

Q) Do you really think the crime you created is perfect?

A) Well, you won’t know until you read it all the way through. My lips are sealed!

Q) Has anyone read this one yet?

A) My editor, my proofreader and my wife. That’s all! I have review copies heading out this week and that’s when we will know if the book is a winner.

Q) So, when will One Mistake hit the shelves?

A) Hopefully next week! Look out for it. It’s a scorcher!

Q) Thanks, Chris, for all your time and all the best!

A) Thanks, Nick! I really enjoyed this one. You ask some great questions.

One Mistake will be hitting bookshelves, Kindles and other book reading formats near you very soon. Look out for it! You can find out more about Mr Keys here!


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