The Great E-Book Mystery….

I have a question for you…

It’s not a political question.

I am not asking you for money.

I am not asking you to share your home with me.

This isn’t a fashion question– I’m not asking if legwarmers are still acceptable.

I just want to know…

When will The Gold Slaves be available as an E-book?

J.W. Northrup has interviewed with me several times. He has appeared on the book webinars, the YouTube interviews, he has written follow-up stories…


When will his publishing company for The Gold Slaves release an electronic version of his smash hit?

Why am I asking this question?

Well, I want to download it, of course, and much of the mail I get has been asking this question, too.

As it turns out, The Gold Slaves in e-book format will FINALLY be available
later this month! Hallelujah!

Watch this space for the exact release date. You don’t want to miss this one!