“Hello, I Will Keep Coming Back!”

Lloyd Tackitt

“Can I get back to fishing now?”

“I wanna be… Number One!” Lloyd explained, as we sat down to discuss the hit that is his latest book. “Eden’s Warriors has done it for me. I have never known one of my books to move so quickly.”

Lloyd would argue that he is the greatest writer of all time. Now, you may sit there and cry out in horror, shock, bewilderment. What about Oscar Wilde? Home? The Brontes? All those other cats? Nah, Lloyd will still tell you that he is arguably the best. Why? Well, you see if you ask Lloyd about his career he will tell you, with a twinkle in his eye, that he has been writing and communicating for hundreds of years. In fact, he has been writing for as long as the Earth has been spinning. The whole 12 million years of our planet rolling around on its axis.

I know you must be thinking that I have flipped my lid. Hey, I haven’t! I just know that when someone loves something and has such a feel for something in the same way Lloyd has for writing, it’s something special. Something supernatural. No, Lloyd isn’t a ghost or demon, but he does have a natural way with words.

“I was a great traveller by the age of eleven,” Lloyd said. “You know, I was meant to be born in Hawaii this time around.” he explained. “But, alas I ended up in Texas.”

He sounded slightly disappointed but when asked if he would like to move to Hawaii now- he declined. “No, I think Texas suits me just fine and I think I can safely say that I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

Of course, Lloyd hasn’t only stayed in Texas. He has been travelling his whole life in one job or another and always found the time to write. It’s not all about writing, but a huge portion of his life is devoted to his art.

Another huge portion of his life is devoted to his fans whom he dotes on  heavily. I think many people get the opinion that writers are rather estranged folk who don’t really show much love for their readers. It is a myth that writers sit at their desks tapping away all day, ignoring the outside world. I know for a fact that Lloyd Tackitt is a man who warms to his fans and does all he can to make them happy.

Of course, he does have his addictions the same as every other writer out there. He is a fishing addict. “My wife says that I spend enormous amounts of time in the water fly fishing,” Lloyd declared. “She’s right, of course. I love it!”

As regards writing, Lloyd is influenced by all kinds of writers. “I think my major influences are Pat McManus, Carl Hiaasen and Christopher Moore,” he explained. “I do a lot of my own thing though.”

I don’t think there’s any denying that Lloyd is one of the most exciting guys on the scene today. His books have all sold like freshly made cakes, and rumours circulate daily about his sales figures. It was said that his books sold out before they hit the shops…

Which also reminds me… As Lloyd heads back to the bank of the river. I have an important errand…

I need to go buy a copy of Eden’s Warriors!

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The Brazos from the bank

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