A Writing Session With Mike Trahan

Writing has always been an integral part of Michael F. Trahan’s life. It is only recently, however, that he has taken it seriously. Since the release of the first part of his memoir The Gift he has become a regimented writer. I was thinking of a series of articles that could be written that portray the writer at work. It only seemed right to me that Mike should be the first author to find himself under the spotlight. So let’s be a fly on the wall and see what happens…

T-37 Formation

The Gift by Mike Trahan made me think about what life was like for us kids growing up during the 50s. Mike really lets the reader know what a fine man he is as he makes decisions along the way!  Can’t wait for the Sequel~ 5*

Sitting by his desk, Mike, types methodically with precision. He is delving into his mind and remembering long lost occurrences of yesteryear. Where is he today? He is in 1968 and flying missions in Vietnam. The man who writes his memoir is no longer in front of a computer. He sits in the cockpit of a C-141 Starlifter. The big one. His hands, not typing on the keyboard of his Mac anymore; his concentration no longer on words. He is back in Vietnam.

“Don’t disturb me,” is the vibe he gives off. He cannot be disturbed whilst on a mission. Watching him, it becomes impossible to believe this man is still in the present day. The concentrated tapping is only audible to those around him and the coffee that balances on his desk is forgotten as he flies through the skies of Vietnam reliving the memories of his youth.

This is not a man who writes fiction. He has lived every moment of his writings and perhaps years of suppression means that it takes time things to return to him. When he wakes from his past he looks down at the screen.

“Nick, did I show you the first chapter?”

“Yeah, you certainly did Mike…”

“What did you think of it so far?”

“I think you have certainly tamed the writing gremlin.”

“Well, these sessions last usually from 0300 to 0700. That’s when I am at my best.”

The sound of the night crawlers outside are no disturbance for Mike. He grooves into the noises of a dark Texas night and carries on working. The memories, the events, the planes, the combat. All the DNA coding that makes up his life. He relives it all. The memoir writer usually has one huge problem– remembering the events and writing about them as truthfully as possible.

Climbing out in the T-37

“How do you remember these events so well, Mike?”

“The more I tap away at this computer– the more they come back to me”

Talking of computers, I noticed Mike was pretty adept on his so I just had to ask…

“What computer set up do you use, Mike?”

“I-Mac…” Mike replies as he turns around. “Simple to operate, relatively virus free. I started out in Macs years ago, went to PCs and now back to Mac.

“So, what exactly are you doing now?”

“I am filling in details of what actually happened on February 19th, 1968.”

“Well…” I start to say. “What did happen?”

I flew the East Coast Shuttle Flight. The Transport years end in December ’68 then I trained for the war and that is when it is going to get very interesting…”

It is going to get interesting? The first volume of his book has already been rated a 5-star project by every single reviewer. I think it has already zoomed past interesting. But for a man like Trahan, nothing is a done deal. He is a creature of careful consideration and he does not put too much belief into anything until it is done. If he says it’s going to get interesting, then I can pretty much guarantee that it’s going to get more interesting….

“I can believe that,” I reply. “So, why do you write in you this room? Any special attachment?”

“I have a better place for writing, and when I buy a new computer I will be moving my writing desk out to the guest house.”

“A laptop might be a good idea?”

“I had one already. It crashed so I will be getting something different next time.”

Laptop, desktop, notepad, whatever he uses I think this next installment of The Gift will be one to catch. Mike goes back into his past-yearning trance, and it would be unfair for me to drag him back out of it again. That’s a wrap.. We saw a Mike Trahan writing session in the wee small hours of the morning.

Supersonic Jet Training – T-38 “Talon”

This is a wonderful autobiography. It’s warm, candid, motivational, human, upbeat. All attributes that reflect its author, Mike Trahan~ 5*

Mike’s book is also replete with examples revealing his love of family, community, country and especially flying.~ 5*

If you haven’t caught a preview of The Gift, check out some great excerpts here.

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