EXCLUSIVE #3 Lloyd Tackitt’s Palms Sweat as Release Date Draws Near!

 Lloyd Tackitt is a man you can’t just pin down. His many obligations mean that you grab interview time when you can. Luckily, this guy doesn’t give up and I managed to get Novel Ideas another exclusive interview with a writer who will soon release his brand new bestseller. What is it about Tackitt that makes him one of the elite bestsellers? I think it’s probably a mix of sincerity and talent. I also think he knows his subject so well he can just write about it and get the reader instantly hooked. Yeah, I have babbled on enough. Let’s go see what Lloyd has to say…

Q) How does it feel to be on the verge of releasing your brand new book Eden’s Warriors

Nervous.  I’ve been nervous with each release.  I start thinking negative thoughts like “No one is going to like this;”  “I really should rewrite it just one more time;”  “Should I have left that scene in?”  Thoughts of that nature – and actually it’s fun to be nervous.  Being nervous is being very alive and in the moment, so I enjoy it, odd as that sounds.

Q) How did you find the writing process? Do you think it’s easier to write about Adrian Hunter now or is it harder?

A) Harder, definitely.  Adrian (the protagonist in the Distant Eden series) is growing in complexity with each book. His personality and character are becoming more defined.  He’s growing as a person as larger and larger challenges are thrust upon him.

Q) How would you describe the character of Adrian Hunter? 

A) Adrian is what every man secretly wants to be.  He is tall and muscular and very, very fast and deadly as hell and handsome and has a cool scar and he is always getting into one adventure after another and he never gets rattled. He walks into a room and people can’t help but stare for a moment because he has what’s called ‘Presence’.  And he doesn’t do it on purpose; he’s barely even aware of it.

H.L. Mencken once said, “Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats.”  And that’s the truth, all normal men feel that way from time to time.  Adrian goes out and does it, but for the good guys.

Q) Of the four books in the series, which one did you enjoy writing the most and why?

A) The one that should be out next month – Eden’s Warriors. That story just pulled me along with it.  I had the overall story in mind before I started writing, I knew where the pinch points would be, etc.  Then I more or less turned Adrian loose and just followed and watched to see what he would do.  When I was in the flow of writing, it was actually more like reading. I was there in that world and part of it.  I wasn’t aware of being in a chair with a keyboard. I was in Adrian’s world and had little idea what might happen next.  That was fun, and I was surprised more than once by the twists and turns.

Q) Do you ever foresee an end to the Eden series? If so, I have to ask! Then what?

A) Yes, I think so.  I see a total of six books in this series, at least I do right now.  The last book will tie into a couple of scenes I put into an earlier book with the last book in mind.  If I get enough feedback from readers, I might just write more of them.  There is a certain sense of responsibility I feel towards the Eden Series readers.  So, depending on them, I might carry it on a while longer.

I am also itching to begin writing a detective series.  I have a character in mind that I think is going to be a lot of fun to write, and I hope, to read.

Q) How does it feel to be a writer who actually sells books?

A) To be honest it’s a feeling that is best described as unreal.  It’s way cool, kind of scary, and a lot of fun.  I hope I never get used to the feeling.

Q) Lloyd, your other love is fishing. I have to ask! Fishing or writing? Which is your first love? 

A) Tough choice.  I don’t think I can choose between them – they both have their own time in my life.  Fishing is seasonal and mostly a daylight thing, while writing is not so restricted.  I can write any time of year or time of day, so the two fold together nicely.

Q) How do you feel about the concept of the Distant Eden Series?

A) Are you ready for the end of the world as we known it?  Oh, hell no!  I don’t want that world to happen.  It would be an incredibly hard life, but unfortunately there is no reason to think it can’t happen.  We had a solar storm in 1859, the Carrington Event, that would most likely cause the devastation in today’s world that I described in the Eden series.  There is no reason to think it won’t happen again.  None.

You won’t believe this guys.. I also managed to get Novel Ideas an exclusive look at the brand new cover art for Eden’s Warriors… Stay tuned for that! Also, don’t forget to check out the whole Distant Eden series here.

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  1. Lloyd Tackitt is an exceptional author. Can’t wait for his newest book. An end to the Eden series would make me sad .

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