Nick Wale Grabs William Gabienu by the Horns

My third interview with William Gabienu was to be the big one. (Follow these links for Part I and Part II.) This is the one where I grill him until he makes admissions he never wanted to. The one where I really crack him open and show the world if he is a genuine writer or just a hack. I pressured him… What happened? Well, read it for yourself and see who won this battle…

willammotorbikeQ) William, what is the overall message of your book Grabbing Your Destiny by the Horns?

A) Dream big according to your God-given purpose. Do not stop at difficulties and grab your designed destiny. Have we started? Seriously? (laughs)

Q) Yes, I thought I would give you an easy one to begin with. Let me ask you, what is YOUR purpose and how did YOU find it?

A) The question of purpose varies from person to person and so is being able to fully understand it. Generally, our purpose is to glorify God by living out our lives fully, not in part. Personally, my purpose takes its root in God and I try to do my best with the abilities He has put within me to His praise and to the benefit of all.

Q) Living a life ‘in part’? What does that mean?

A) By living a life ‘in part,’ I simply mean the instance when people do not utilize wholly their God-given abilities– maybe because of difficulties. Some people stop midway on their journey to their designed place in life. This is living life in part. Trust me Nick, this is not glorifying in any way.

Q) So you’ve been there? You have experienced living life ‘in part’?

A) Sure! That’s why my desire to help all people realize that the power to accomplish within them is higher than any obstacle that tries to stop us.

Q) A reviewer said about your book that: “…[this book will show you] how to develop self-reliance and achieve your dreams.” But what if you don’t know what your dream is? Is living for God the dream all people should have?

A) Firstly, I appreciate those kind word describing my book and I thank whoever the person is.

There is a point in that review I would like to correct, though. I emphasize self-realization, hard work, focus, and of course, dependence on God as my faith teaches me.

Q) So your book really only focuses on God and how God can glorify a life?

A) Living for God is not the only dream people should have. The phrase ‘dream life’ runs throughout my book and what I mean is the desire of your heart, your ambitions and all that you aspire to be in life.

Q) Your book relies heavily on the Bible for inspiration. Would you say that the Bible itself is a self-help guide?

A) No. No and no. Grabbing Your Destiny by the Horns is a book that seeks to help the reader realize that he is on earth for a purpose and that his talents, skills and abilities have been given to him so that life on earth can be more meaningful. All is attainable and possible if he marries correct action to the dreams of his heart. Nick, I’m a bit uncomfortable calling it ‘self-help’. I would say the Bible and, for that matter, my book are inspirational and  books that teach and enlighten. They teach self-realization, not self-help. It teaches ACTION on your part as well as mindfulness that all is of God.


Q) You say talents are given to be meaningful. What about those who aren’t living conventionally meaningful lives? What went wrong?

A) Talents are given to make life meaningful. Remember, I said earlier that we are here on earth for a purpose. What loving father would send his son on a long journey in a far away land without giving him all he needs to survive the trip and stay?

Q) Some fathers do neglect their children though. Could it not be true that God could neglect some of us?

A) My father and our father neglects no one! Psalm 27.10 says, “Even if my father and mother abandon me, the LORD will hold me close.’ You see, He loves us so much that He desires that we experience joy and fulfillment in life.

The life He has given to us is a gift we must highly appreciate and fully enjoy. This is the message I try to get across.

[pullquote align=”left” textalign=”center” width=”45%”]The grace or goodness of God doesn’t mean that man should do nothing and expect honey to fall on his lips.[/pullquote]

Q) We live by God’s grace and through his virtue, right?

A) All of humanity and its benefits are through the goodness of God. The life He has given us comes with tasks and pleasures.

The grace or goodness of God doesn’t mean that man should do nothing and expect honey to fall on his lips. You must take responsibility towards what you have.


Q) You state your book “also exposes to you the blueprints you require to start living out your dream.” How do you know what people need? How did you get the blueprint?

A) Like i said earlier, the matter of life and dreams are individual and varied. I don’t know what exactly people have in their minds, but I do know that almost all people want a a better life for themselves other than the one they already have. Having said this, there are steps and ways to be taken, truths to be discovered, that can condition our minds and attitudes in the right direction. These are the blueprints that can lead to a more meaningful and purposeful life.

Q) William, how do you know that?

A) Nick, I have met people who are on the down side of life and I continue to meet others. Don’t you think all these people would have preferred a life different from the one they have? When they are unhappily walking in the streets, don’t you think they have dreams they would have wanted to materialize that can change their lives?

Q) How can we make that decision for people walking the streets? Surely, we shouldn’t be telling them that they want to change their lives?

A) We are not making decisions for them. We, I, try to inspire them to move unto a higher level of life that is more meaningful.

Q) But perhaps being homeless is what they are meant to do? Could that not be God’s will?

A) INTERESTING. Let me tell you categorically, Nick, no one on planet earth was meant to be homeless or jobless or whatever. God never planned that, He never designed that, and His will has nothing to do with that.

Negative life situations lead to this kind of thing. That’s why there is the need for people not to throw in the towel but fight back and grab their destinies by the horns.

History has a tall list of men and women who refused to accept the negative hand that was dealt them and decisively took the reins from the hands of fate and steered things to their favour. Names like Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Wilbur Wright and many more come to mind.

Q) Where did the title for your book Grabbing Your Destiny by the Horns come from? It’s such a striking title.

A) Thank you, Nick. I hear people tell me that a lot.

I envisaged life as a bull to be grabbed and dominated and tamed. I think some of my difficult situations I have personally gone through helped me to coin this title.

I grabbed William by the horns and kept pushing for the answers I wanted. He didn’t give up, flinch or back down. His horns stayed firmly in place and he stood with fortitude defending his words. I think he’s the real deal. Don’t you?