Envisage Speaks! A Poet Speaks from the Heart…

Envisage is a wonderful author some of you may not have heard of. I have been lucky enough to find myself profiling her for a series of three interviews. Her wonderful book of poetry My Heart Speaks has been highly recommended by all who have read it. The book deals with love, emotions, feelings, the way one human looks at another human and smiles… Beautiful people in beautiful love…

Have you ever loved? The kind of love that makes your heart smile, or lost a love and fallen into the depths of despair. Perhaps found a new love, a true love, wrestled with love on a dark night of the soul. This and much more is what My Heart Speaks is about. Written straight from the heart, it has been called “powerful!” The words will touch your very soul.

So far, reviews have been golden for Envisage. Reading her Amazon listing is a wonderful experience. I have profiled a lot of writers and reviewed quite a few books, but just reading some of the reviews for My Heart Speaks makes me excited…

If ever you have loved or want to know how it feels to have loved and then lost – this is the book for you – Envisage sets out their heart for all to see and invites you in ……..emotions flow free and find a connection deep inside – many of the poems spoke to me as if they were written personally for me – I loved this book and look forward to many more from this author.~ 5 Stars

My Heart Speaks is reaching everyone… Not just poetry fans, but anyone who loves art and beauty.

I found the book of poetry eloquent, well versed, conveying the feeling of both despair and of hope, it encourages the human soul to continue soldiering on, no matter where the spiritual battle may take you, because in the long run, hope,faith and love, will triumph over the worst of human condition. It is so powerful that it provokes emotions the reader may not even know they posses within their own hearts.~  5 Stars

Envisage is a poet, and she writes from the heart like all great poets.The interview that follows is our first, and I can’t wait for the second… Enjoy!


Q) Hi, Envisage! Great to meet you at last. I have to ask you to start with– how does it feel to be a published author?

A) It’s great, but it’s also a very humbling experience to think my thoughts, words could affect so many.

Q) So, who is the real Envisage? 

A) Good question? I am a Daughter, Sister, Mother, Grandmother, Friend. Have been a wife and a lover, experienced all of life’s ups and downs and am much stronger for it; and yes, would not trade any of it, the good or the bad, because it has made me, me. It is where I source my writing from– life!

Q) Where did the name ‘Envisage’ come from?

A) That is also a good question! I always sign my poems “A little ditty by Envisage.”

Q) How have people reacted to My Heart Speaks so far? Your book has some impressive reviews! How have people taken to the book in person?

A) I had a therapist come over to the house, this was just before the book was published. In conversation, the book came up so I showed her the final draft. I thought she would be polite and read a  few pages and hand it back. She read it from cover to cover, while I handed her tissues at intervals….grown men have been known to cry (the big burly kind with long hair and tats).

Q) Many writers state that they have always been creative. Is that something you can agree with? Have you always been a creative soul?

A) Yes, I think in one form or another, from art classes, to dance, photography and now writing. I think life is a creative process.

Q) Where do you, as a writer, find inspiration?

A) Inspiration is everywhere. In nature (the hoot of an owl), a song on the radio, a tree, mostly little things. But sometimes in emotions we all try to work through at one time or another in our lives. Therein lies the treasure.

Q) How do you like to write? What gets you into the groove? Do you like to write at night or during the day? Do you like to listen to music whilst you write?

A) I write in solitude or in nature. I’m at my best early in the morning. Sometimes, I wake up with an idea and have to hurry to scribble it down before the rhymes go away. Sometimes while I’m driving, I have to pull over to write. The mind never stops working.

Q) Your first book is called My Heart Speaks. That struck me as a really interesting title. It sounds like your books are filled with your emotions and feelings. Where did that title come from?

A) It’s how I write. My words aren’t fancy, you won’t need a translator. It’s been said I take complex emotions and bring them to a level of understanding that is easier to comprehend. The words are just straight from my heart, like talking to an old friend.

Q) My Heart Speaks has already been published. How have you found the publishing experience so far?

A) It’s been a learning experience! I think I’d rather just write and let someone else take care of the “business end” of things; alas, there is just me.

Q) As a traditionally published author, how do you feel about the current trend of self-publishing? What are your thoughts?

A) I understand it is working wonders for some. I think I may even try it myself for my next book which is ready to be published now.

Q) How do you personally promote your work? Do you believe promotion is important?

A) So far [my promotion] has mostly been word of mouth (one of the reasons I wasn’t happy with the first publisher). Yes, promotion is very important… Lots of other books out there to read.

Q) What do you personally believe are the key ingredients of a good read?

A) Something I can relate to, to grab and hold my interest, a “common ground” with the writer.

Q) Who are your personal favourites as regards authors and poets?

A) So many, so little time! I guess as far as a novels, my first love is Randy Wayne White– especially the Doc Ford series. I’d LOVE to see them made into movies! I like books that inspire me. I’m a self confessed bibliophile, I can’t borrow books from the library, I have to OWN them! I love Oriah Mountain Dream (the Invitation), and Don Miguel Ruiz (the Four Agreements)– I was fortunate enough to meet both of them. I also enjoy Paulo Coelho (the Alchemist). As far as poets go, Rainer Maria Rilke, Rumi, John Trudell, and of course some my local friends in my poetry groups, all very talented! I enjoy poetry that reaches me on many levels, not “fluff,” yet not something I have to read three times to understand; but again,something I can glean something new from each time I read it. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Q) Thanks so much for your time, Envisage. You’ve whet our appetite for more to come in our next meeting!

A) My pleasure, Nick. I look forward to it!

Part II of the interview with Envisage will be posted in the coming weeks. Be sure to stay tuned for that one. She may even give us a preview of her upcoming book!

My Heart Speaks is available now!


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