Author William Gabienu Cracks Open to Nick Wale

My second interview with William Gabienu took on a serious tone. I wanted to know more about the philosophy of a man with so much to say. William is obviously in love with his faith and I wanted to know why. I think it all comes down to a mindset. The faith he has in his chosen religion allows him to achieve everything he wants to achieve. He hits targets with ease and his latest book is swiftly finding its way onto many Kindles around the world. Hey, come and listen in as we chat away… Seriously, this is some profound stuff!

 William speech

Q) Hi, William! Are you ready?

A) Hola, big man! Yes, I’m ready.

Q) Okay, let’s kick off with a biggie! How did you enjoy our last interview?

A) Talking with you the other time was quite nice. The chat was natural and I felt at home sharing a bit of ‘William’ with you. You are nice to talk to, Nick.

Q) Do you believe ‘William’ is a hard person to share or is he relatively easy-going?

A) I’m an introvert by nature, but it does not weigh on my light.-heartedness in any way; but I take my work very seriously and believe the lives of people are not things to play with.

Q) Your introversion doesn’t really show, William. You come across as a very friendly guy with a lot to say. Let me ask you about your motivational speeches and lectures. How do you prepare for them?

A) In preparing for my conferences and speaking events, I read up and study up a lot.

I make sure that every word that comes from my mouth is scripture based and has root in God’s word. I also pray a lot ahead of the programme because, Nick, I believe there is no sure self-help without God’s help.

Q) Do you believe that for you to help someone through your motivational work, they must already be willing to help themselves?

A) Certainly, Nick. ACTION is one word that I never forget to put into the minds of my listeners while also stressing the fact that their dependence on God is central to their success. When these two factors are divorced, one from the other, real meaning and success in life becomes very difficult, if not impossible.

Q) So, you are saying you must accept God to accept success? Other than faith, what else does it take to ‘grab destiny by the horns’?

A) Well, briefly, it calls on man to recognize the difference between himself and the God who created him. The creator is very different from the creature. And about man, scripture says ‘we are fearfully and wonderfully made.’ Do you think God would create something so wonderful for no reason? Absolutely not! There is a reason and this is called ‘destiny’.. And our destiny is designed and given by God. Secondly, man has to work at making this come to pass by submitting to the ultimate will of His master, while of course, doing his part, dutifully and actively. I fear we don’t have the time to discuss this in depth right now, but my book will leave you open-mouthed in the face of truth!

Q) A very impassioned speech, William! Would it be true to say that your book has something to offer to everyone?

A) I actually wrote it with ‘everyone’ in mind, even though I’m a Christian.


Q) Do you believe that all faiths are connected by a common good?

A) In Grabbing Your Destiny by the Horns I stayed true to my beliefs while making the information it contains useful to everyone.

Q) I must ask this one, William. When you give a motivational speech or lecture, do you ever see a change in the audience? An awakening to your ideas?

A) (Laughs) I wouldn’t still be doing this if people never benefited. Let’s say the impact my words have on people is my ‘food’ and seeing the change in their lives gives me the desire to reach out to more people and spread the words of wisdom handed down to us.

Q) Your audience seems to be growing every day with more and more people listening to the advice you offer.

A) I do believe my efforts are reaching out to a lot more people than when I first began; and a lot more are being ‘repositioned’ properly in life. Yes, I think my audience is growing.

Q) What is your end goal? Do you want to become a famous motivational speaker? Do you want a TV show? What’s your dream?

A) Famous motivational speaker? (Laughs) You see, Nick, I believe greatness comes from God and when we work hard at achieving our dreams, impossibility only resides in regions not ours to dominate. I wouldn’t mind having TV shows. I think I’d love that!

Q) I guess for you it is enough to work for the glory of God and nothing else?

A) My personal dream is to be be a source of great blessing to as many as possible. I certainly do work and fight to promote the glory of God. There are many ways to do this and one is what I’m doing with the abilities He has given to me. My passion is to teach and explain life’s mysteries in the light of God’s word.

Q) I would say your mission so far has been successful. You are reaching more people now than ever. How does that feel?

A) I’m honoured to hear this. Very honoured. Well, every Christian should try to walk in the shoes of Jesus. Let’s say I’m continuing by helping people find real purpose, focus and meaning in life, as well as teaching them time-proven keys help them realise the dreams and desires of their hearts.

Q) Would you mind if readers emailed you if they need help? Would you be open to that?

A) Of course! I see no reason not to. Even though it’s okay to deal with people largely, I believe one-on-one is very effective and results are usually permanent. Every one is welcome. Please visit my Facebook page to connect with me!

Q) Thank you for your time, William. This has been an interesting interview!

A) You were deep. I had to think ‘hard’ to answer some of the questions but I like this kind of thing.

Q) I try my best!

A) Thank  you for a great interview, Nick.
William is currently available for lecture tours and can be reached via his facebook page for personal meetings with readers.

Grabbing Your Destiny by the Horns is available in both e-book format and print.