Harvard University Success Story Darrell Bennett Speaks

Mr. Darrell Bennett is one of my favourite people in the world of books. He is cool, educated, a guy who really tries to help those coming up behind him in education. Darrell runs a publishing company, he’s a lawyer, lecturer, a youth worker and a role model for many kids growing up in the USA. I asked him before Christmas to write a short article for Novel Ideas. I believe he deserves an audience in Europe. So here he is, my buddy Darrell from New York, talking to you directly from the heart…

Darrell Bennett

Special thanks to Nick for allowing me the opportunity to share with you all the release of my newest book for students and young adults, THE POWER TO THINK, THE WILL TO ACT! As a college educator, I specifically designed this book to help people take tangible steps to make their dreams a reality.

In THE POWER TO THINK, THE WILL TO ACT, I talk about the depression that started during my time at Harvard, about the massive failures in my first year in business for myself, about how my grandmother died the weekend before I was supposed to start my first job as an adjunct college lecturer. This book is about how I used the adversity in my life to my advantage and found my purpose in my deepest pain—and how you can too!


This is precisely the motivation that people need, especially now!  You will learn practical strategies on how to discover your purpose and begin living the life you want today.

(THE POWER TO THINK, THE WILL TO ACT is available on www.DarrellBennett.com and the e-book is available on the Kindle and the NOOK.)