The Healing Process

Allow time to heal your pain, let the water roll over your beach and live and just let live. You’re going to lose all that pain someday.

Dealing with a break up or a tragedy is hard. I, myself, have found the very core of my soul shaken by problems masquerading as earthquakes before now. I believe that we move forward through the trouble and strife to a new tomorrow, a brand new day.

In a book I wrote with my wife to be Lori, I talked about the process of abuse. I would like to talk about this for a short time with you today.

Abuse can be disguised in many shapes, forms and dealings. The bullied, beguiled and beaten are all victims. We need to look for the victims in our society and make them part of ourselves.

I believe that one of the biggest forms of abuse is bullying fellow humans. It is no lie to state the fact that we shun many of the people in our society that we should embrace. In modern times we have clouded ourselves with vanity and perfection, whilst we have ignored many of those whom we don’t consider beautiful, perfect or admirable.

This has to change.

It has to change because we as humans cannot obtain perfection, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There is nothing ‘special’ about running down another human being because of a difference.

If we keep running down our neighbours and keep knocking those who we deem ‘lesser’, soon we will find ourselves questioning many things.

We will find ourselves asking, are we so special?

Everyone is special, but none are more special than another. The human body is a perfectly imperfect thing, there is no beauty other than the beauty of the soul of a person. Looks wither, skin grows old, eyes go blind. Souls are ageless.

Next time you say that you think someone is ugly, ask yourself! Do they think you are ugly?

Are you ugly?


But if you can call someone else ugly, does it not seem right that they can call you ugly?

The truth is that neither of you are ugly and nobody is cleverer than another person. We are all talented. Let the talents flow and feel secure enough in yourself to stop belittling those whom you consider ‘less’.

Best Wishes

Nick Wale

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