When You Wish…

Do you know what happened to the people who got everything they ever wanted?

They lived happily ever after.

I fell down into a pit of loneliness and lost my mind. I wished for the moon and found my wife to be Lori. I was travelling to California and decided to write a book. I was unemployed and found myself unable to cope. I believed in myself, I believed in my talents and I found the light at the end of that tunnel. Good or bad, I found my way through.

Self belief is what makes the stuff of dreams turn to reality. The poor turn into the wealthy and realise that the only currency they ever held was self belief. That drive, that ambition, moves us forward to a new goal. The realisation that one day we will stand high on the top of a mountain of accomplishments is certain. We will stand as people and we will die as people, but between birth and death, we shall be free to make our dreams come true.

What is a success?

To be successful, to be one with your very own self, is something few people understand. I don’t either. I believe that we all have a purpose in life. We dream, we achieve and conquer, rise and fall. Life throws mud, but our strength acts as our very own guard. There is nothing we cannot achieve if we stay true to ourselves.





Focus yourself on a goal, focus with precision, move yourself towards the very path you have chosen. Those who goad and deny your very own talent are jealous. If you come across an obstacle move around and carry on. Let nothing stop you, for an uncompleted goal is something that we cannot stand as humans. Failure is good, it makes us strive to complete a task. Keep focused throughout the storm and carry your plan through.

Many will stand by and watch, they will offer no help, they will observe and join in just as you achieve your goal. Do not let them drag you down, you are your own power. You can make it on your own.

Plan your way along the paths of life. Keep the map in your hand and guide your weary body to the point of rest. You can rest at the end, you cannot fail with your plan so solidly created. Feel yourself grow stronger with every step and know that you will alone had travelled this road.

Move swiftly, carefully, but do not be alarmed if you take an incorrect path. The path you may take you away from the goal you have in mind, but don’t forget that there are many ways into a city. If a path takes you a different route, enjoy and learn from the experience.

You have reached the city limits, you are there and you can now feel glad that you have achieved your goal. You are one step further up that huge mountain of achievements.

I believe that we all have so much to give in this world. Every single human being is wonderful. There are talents, beautiful people and wonderful experiences around every corner. Being positive, attracting your own luck and being a good person are some of the most important things in life, in my opinion.

I have had many moments of despair, but I believe in my talents. I believe in my own positive aura, I believe that I have a purpose.

You do too. You are wonderful.

“Focus on your dreams and then allow your dreams to focus on you!”