To Dream of Hope

“You should take a job more appropriate for a boy your age.”

I was stunned, why should I just settle for that?

“You should change your resume and stop trying to entice an employer to give you a more responsible position.”


Why should I take less, if I want more?

When I was 20, I was unemployed after falling through the cracks. I was left without a safety net and although I knew I would recover, I had to attend classes.

The classes were mandatory, long days spent in a room with a tutor. The first day was one of trepidation. We sat and waited to see what would happen. The teacher walked in– he was an employment counsellor and did not tell us that he would make waves, change our lives or give us eternal youth– he told us to be creative.

“The lizard brain is our escape, we run into its shade and hide from the lights shining brightly onto our lives, illuminating every single crack in our being.”

I listened.

“We must not run from the light, the shade will not help us for long. The shade will just stop us from growing as people. Stand in the light and you will grow, learn and expand…”

When you are unemployed, you feel as though the world has forgotten you. Interviews come and go and finally, if you don’t get a break, you give up. The pressure is on you, your mind wants to hide and stop trying. There’s no money in your pocket, no way to pay the bills, your confidence drops. The world stops. You fall into the shade to escape the light.

Stay in the light!

If you stay in the light it will hurt you, things may not go as planned– but it will help you grow, you will find your niche in life. If you hide, you will stay in that dank hole, and you will not grow. Stand up, move forward and grow as you know you can.

I hear it every day, employers don’t want to know.

They do!

An employer is always looking for a great employee, and that is you-

YOU know it is you!

A Resume/ CV is your selling tool- your very own introduction. Look at it, what does it say about you?

Now tell me, if you were an employer, what would you think of it?

Would you employ yourself?

If your Resume/ CV doesn’t jump out at you, then rewrite it, make it loud! Make it interesting! Tell an employer why you are the great employee, what are your talents? YOU have talents!

Everyone has talents

Can you write creatively? Are you talkative? Have you traded comic books? Have you done gardening to earn spending money?

I was in the States a few months ago, and I met a guy on a plane. We sat next to each other and chatted for a good few hours. He was an executive for some company. He told me that he would hire anyone who showed any promise over education. He was adamant that education was secondary. He wanted vitality, drive and self confidence.

“I sit in a cafe and if the waiter shows promise, I hire him.”

Education is great, but being vital, efficient, polite, driven and vocal are more important. If someone talks to you, talk back! You never know who they are!

I will never forget the people who gave me the drive to achieve what I wanted. I wrote a book with my wife to be, and simply the process of writing it has made me proud. I want you to all achieve what you are capable of. Make yourself proud!

Before I finish this, I would just like to say that its important for you to feel that what you are doing is right. If you think you are doing the wrong thing but it feels right, keep with it. Don’t change a CV you feel works, don’t give up an opportunity you want. Do it your own way.

I want to hear from you guys. What works for you?

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