Dear Mr. Wale,

“Thank you for your query and interest in representation by… We regret that we are unable to take you on as a client at this time. We receive  hundreds of queries a week and as such we must turn down many projects that might have great commercial potential.”

Every writer has received at least one of these. Why? Well, perhaps your book wasn’t the hit you thought it would be. No, don’t believe that for one second! Your book is a masterpiece even if a Publisher disagrees. It is your own personal expression! I congratulate any of you with the stamina to write a book. I applaud you! You have done something that so many want to do, yet so few manage to do in reality.

So, why does your book fail? Simple really, the publisher or agent you researched and carefully approached felt that you haven’t hit the necessary commercial points that create a hit.

Is that a bad thing? No! Why? Because your book is a personal gift from your mind. Your characters live and breath inside your head, they act and talk in the way you want them to. Perhaps, they are you. Perhaps, they are me! I don’t know, I haven’t read your book yet…

Keep on knocking on doors, research the agents and get yourself out there! I want to see you on the bestseller list next to one of my future works on the top shelf! There’s room for everyone to make it. Trust me, I’m a writer and I want to make it as badly as you do!

So let’s talk ideas…

    *Give your book a catchy title.
    *Create a package that your recipient can delve into and become hooked by.
    *Don’t tell them it’s a hit. Let them decide that!
    *Write a blog.
    *Tell through action rather than narrative. I learnt that, too!

Let me know how you get on. I’m open to your advice as well!