Failure is not a bad thing!

So you wrote a book?

So did I!

What is yours about? A fish? That’s great! Mine? Oh, its about a giant who found a wife. You don’t like it? I better change my idea then..


Just because someone says they don’t like your book, don’t lose heart! There’s a thousand stars, a thousand agents and a thousand publishers. I would suggest turning every door knob and waiting for that important email that asks to see more of your work.

When I first submitted “Rose Amongst the Thorns” I felt the pain of rejection. It was not rejected because of its inferiority. It was rejected because it was being sold in a market filled with ‘misery lit’. Believe me, misery lit is the last thing I wanted my book to be known as. Alas, it slipped into that genre. I am sure a lot of publishers pushed it to one side without even reading it. Then one day, an agent responded and told me that my writing was great!

That spurred me on!

I know that your writing is great! Just keep writing away and say no to those who don’t get where you are at! Submit, sell and sign the deal!